January 12, 2009

You can now find me here:

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January 6, 2009

Changing (again)

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I really am as much of a nomad online as I am in real life. Realizing that coming up with a blog with my real name for a username is a bit risky (not that anyone would google me in the first place, but you know, just in case I get to be a mega superstar in the future :p), I’m resigning this account and coming up with a new one (yet to be determined.) Anywho, I’ll keep you posted. :p I should be more determined to post stuff soon after getting my new Lumix (love it love it) and realizing that I can’t get started in the morning unless I have a bit of online downtime (I’m running out of sites to visit on a regular visit so I thought to just spend time updating my own.)

Sorry for the run-ons and the thoughtless grammar. The second shot of espresson in my morning latte hasn’t fully hit my system yet. 🙂

Zzzz. Good morning 🙂

September 27, 2008

Outfits, Outfits

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holga ultra

This week has been incredibly eventful that I can’t even pick out which topic to start on, if I should even write anything on them, that is.. Basta, big big steps all in a matter of a few days. Let’s hold off on those first; I need to catch up on my outfit posts anyway. 🙂

Left –  Yesterday, dinner with friends and Mark in Serendra, quick stop at meg’s 10th anniversary bash: faux pearl necklaces from bayo and divisoria, twiggy top from people are people, bubble tube top worn as skirt from folded and hung, charles and keith sandals with kuya’s dark grey socks.

Right – Sometime last week, day at the office: brown shell earrings from cebu, green collared safari zip-up dress worn as coat from sm, brown/orange floral print dress from petit monde, brown patent boots with lace bow from landmark.


Today – school-pride visit to Ateneo on a Saturday morning after winning the uaap championships (hoot!!): scarf by gap, shell earrings from cebu, white collared sleeveless top from sm, tweed brown shorts from bazaar, bag from the met in new york, white genki umbrella (haha) from ted :p

Played with the first two pictures as usual because of the image quality (brought about by poor lighting more so than the camera) – anywho, the effects highlight the details more anyway, so they came out pretty okay (in spite of the freaky-looking eyes on the second picture). Still really need to get me a new cam though. 🙂

September 18, 2008

The Crew Brews Again

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Take a good look at that picture, it might be a while before we capture anything like it again! Haha. 🙂

Alas alas, after a full 5 months, all 5 of us find a common time to meet! It was Friday night and each one of us either came home tired after a full day’s work/play or had something to do way early the next day (or in my case, both, haha,) but we didn’t care.  We hadn’t seen in each other in too long of a time and we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I know that sounds overly dramatic but we were really all jumping up and down when we saw each other. Haha. Nauubusan ako ng words. Basta masaya! Naiyak si Joe. He’ll deny it but I saw him tearing up. Nyahahaha. :p

Halav the Brew Crew. Everybody’s somewhat different (of course) but when we get together it feels very much the same. In a good way. 🙂 In the infamous words of Sir Joon (aka Joe,) “It’s similar but somewhat different.” (I know I got that wrong. Basta! Look atchu! You look good! Pikachu!)

Grabetots. Masaya na nakakalungkot. Hay! :p

September 17, 2008

Shop Therapy Part 2

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As I’m sure you’ll notice here eventually, there’s a shopping trend that I unintentionally follow – buying in categorical phases.  Actually it goes for pretty much everything I get into, hence the name of this blog, because whenever I get into something I seriously get hooked on and obsess over it.  Although the interests revolve around a core group of likes, the obsessions come in segmented periods – if you check my archive of blog posts you’ll see several of one topic clustered together, followed by a brief lag, then another cluster of entries on a different topic. So anywho. Still along the lines of feeling fashion, but now moving on from shoes to accessories.  Two super fun places to shop for cheap and unique (ish) trinkets:


Irene’s Closet, A-Venue.

I used to ignore its little cutesy boutique outlet in Rockwell because although the items were cute, they were too expensive.  When I saw a small set-up selling similar items in A-Venue (Makati Avenue, in between Kalayaan and JP Rizal) I was surprised to find out it was the same shop because the pricing was so much lower – under a P1,000 bucks for all of the items in the picture. I guess Rockwell’s tenant rent rates were just too high, and the shop owners had to adjust accordingly. The Eiffel Tower necklace would’ve probably been P650 in Rockwell but I only got it for upwards of P200. Fun, yay 🙂

 By the by, I got the earrings separately from a bazaar. Just thought of including the pair in the shot. Wala lang. :p


2nd Floor, Robinsons Cebu.

You gotta love the locals for tips like this.   Mia brought us to this hole in the wall place in Ayala when we visited 2 years ago and pointed to this other hole in the wall place in Robinsons when I visited with my mom last weekend. You won’t find shell and wooden accessories cheaper than the ones in Cebu. Got earrings at less than P80 each. Insane no? Haha. 

September 16, 2008

Socking It Up

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medyas day jlo day

Might as well keep at it, right? :p

Left: September 10, 2008 – White top with silver ring detail from Ukay worn over a Topshop tank, Dark skinny jeans from a bazaar, Grey socks from Kuya, Gray/White patent sandalas with elastic band from Charles and Keith.

Right: September 12, 2008 – Grecian Top from Mango, Cuff from Irene’s Closet, Same pair of dark skinny jeans from a bazaar, Olive green socks from Kuya, Khaki leather lace trim pumps from Landmark

I’m really loving the socks in sandals/shoes trend. Wee 🙂 And yeah, I know, I should get a better camera. Been on my to-buy list for the longest time, I’m telling you. (Kaya kunwari artsy na lang muna ang mga pic. Haha.)

September 15, 2008


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As soon as I read the last line of Fourth Comings, I rushed to my laptop and quickly typed in Jessica Darling book 5. Nothing. Megan McCafferty 5, I thought? Still nothing. I was seriously starting to panic.  How could a book series I had loved and followed for such a long time just end just like that?  But I kept hopeful.  And thankfully enough, after a few more permutations of what I desperately wanted to find, I was finally successful.

Holy my Lord. Thank you Megan McCafferty for making a fifth.  And for declaring it to be the last.  I know this sounds pathetic, but I cannot bear another installment of the series.  I cannot have the Jessica-Marcus story hang on such a thin thread. Not like the way you ended it in the fourth.  Not that it wasn’t obvious that you’d be writing a fifth because the ending was begging for a continuation, nor did I really think that you were that type of writer that purposely leaves tales frustratingly open-ended and calls it art. But Lord, that really gave me a scare, there.  The possibility of it ending just like that – ME, YES, ME/YOU, YES, YOU and all.

I hadn’t realized I was that much into happy endings until this. Or I guess not with books, or book series at least.  If I invest time and sacrifice lengthy afternoons of sucha calorie-burn wasting activity, the ending better be worth it.

Gaaaahh.  Megan McCafferty is supposed to be writing this fifth and last, and has already done a pre-launch reading this year to prove that it’s real. At least there’s something legit to confirm otherwise dubious internet fan reports.

I cannot wait until April 15 next year. I swear, the ending better be worth it or I am going to have a fit. Sloppy Firsts was great, Second Helpings pure awesomeness, Charmed Thirds mostly horrible (but understandably necessary,) and Fourth Comings good but just frustrating. Perfect Fifths better be what I expect. Or else, I don’t even know. AYAW.

Balik na lang ako kay Edward-Bella. The cheesiness may be too much to stomach at times (and hello, Buffy-Angel forever,) but at least you get what you want. Hwaaaaa!!!

Okay, back to my mature self now.



(Don’t read on if you do not like spoilers), From Perfect Fifths:

“This is a final boarding call for passenger Jessica Darling.”
After Marcus heard it the first time, he made sure to listen extra
carefully the second time, just to confirm it was her name being
called over the public address system, and not a phantom echo in his
“This is a final boarding call for Clear Sky Flight 1884 with nonstop
service to Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Final boarding call for
passenger Jessica Darling.”
Jessica Darling…
Marcus feels overexposed, overstimulated, like his whole body is on
extrasensory alert. His nerves rattle and clang like the dirty
silverware carelessly thrown into plastic takeaway tubs by the too-
busy busboys. He tries to calm himself with a series of deep
inhalations and exhalations, but breathing cheeseburger smog only
makes him more queasy and ill-at-ease. The alarms going off in his
nervous system evoke erratic animal behavior preceding natural
disasters: a mass exodus of elephants seeking higher ground, dogs
wailing under door frames, rabbits clawing at cages, snakes shaken
from hibernation slithering through the snow. His instincts, too, urge
him to flee…

Sounds promising, at least. And I love how the POV changed. I’m pretty sure all Darling readers have been wanting to see what it’s like to be inside Marcus’ head.

Speaking of Marcus(es). I miss Mark. Hi hon. Cebu rocked, but I really hate weekends without you. :*

September 10, 2008


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I’m pretty sure I’ll be laughing someday at starting a post series like this, but what the hey, blog posts are supposed to be snapshots of your thoughts and actions at a certain moment in time, however embarassing they may eventually be. 😀 So I shall begin by embarassaingly admitting that one of my secret wishes (has, always been, always will be, haha)  is to be one day included in a fashion magazine’s best dressed list (hi mon. guilty of being your perfect friend once again. haha.) So since I doubt I’d ever be included in anything like that, I shall use the only public means that I have at my disposal.

So far this is the only picture I have. I thought of starting this today because the outfit I’m wearing’s pretty cute. But anywho. Here’s an outfit I wore last week:

boot day23

September 9, 2008

Shop Therapy

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shoe collage

Halaveet. 😀

Landmark is such a haven for shopaholics on a budget like moiself; you just have to make do and be real patient with the clutter and super disorganized orientation of goods.  Although the set-up does make it more interesting, if you think about it – rummaging through the junk makes you feel like you’re on a scavenger hunt of sorts, and the treasures are always very much worth it. 🙂 Only spent a little over 1k for all these pairs from a shop called Ms. V (how perfect is that? haha), for example.  I’m sure that if I saw these styles in a more expensive boutique I’d be hesitant to buy them, but with the price tags attched to these items, there was no pulling back of any sort at all. Sure they’re not the most comfortable pairs in the world and I know they won’t last as long as the others, but the styles would have faded by that time anyhow, haha. :p

Perfect perfect to cure the soon to explode head and rid it of all the crap it’s been accumulating. Call it shop therapy. Gotta love being a girl. 🙂

(About the picture – I don’t really know why, I just felt like doing it. Haha.)

September 8, 2008

US Open 2008 Fashions

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It may be a bit unconventional to review a tournament not based on how the contenders played but on what they wore, but the US Open has always been special in this regard – since Maria’s 2006 Audrey Hepburn stunner, everybody’s sort of looked to the US expecting a bit more than player performance. But really, she only realized and banked on a potential that has always been there – for one, compared to the other majors where fashion is either dependent on season (hot weather at the aussies and french early in the year) or tradition (wimbledon’s very strict requirement to stick to white,) the US Open creates many an opportunity for the players to go beyond the usual tracks and skorts, and dress up. The night games also enable the players to mix and match it up in terms of textures, creating more room to experiment with otherwise impractical choices of glittery fabric and darker cloths. The results aren’t always good, sure, but they do keep the viewing fun. 🙂

I am in no way a fashion expert but since this is where my blogging arrow has been pointing to recently, here’s a quick rundown of what I thought of the fashions at the recently concluded US Open:


Most Dependable: Roger Federer looking his usual elegant and sophisticated self on the hard courts. Not an easy feat when you’re sweating buckets, I tell you. And hurrah hurrah, because it’s not only the clothes that have been looking old-school fedexpress these days. On to your fifth. 🙂


Most Wearable: Wozniaki wins it for wearing the dress most likely to be worn on the courts.


Most Ironic: Pink just doesn’t become a woman who’s over 6 feet tall and has an attitude of a whiny 6 year old.


Lamest Attempt to be Fashion: Jelena Jankovic gets 0 fashion points for a shrug-bolero-I-don’t-even-know-what-that’s supposed-to-be hitting cover-up. I’ll fitting and just plain odd-looking.  I’ll take this over the weird ribbon she wore on her head last year, though. Haha. Go look it up.

US Open Tennis

Most Attention Grabbing Off the Court: This one definitely gave me a run for my money. Haha. Sure kept everybody looking in spite of being eliminated from the tournament.

US Open Tennis


Most in Need of a Stylist: I don’t know which is worse. The acid green or the horrible blue-red combi. Ack.  I agree with Kris on the sponsors not being able to fully bank on this one.  Great career, great body… I don’t see how you can go wrong with dressing up someone like that.  Or maybe he just really has a horrible fashion sense that overrides all of his sponsors’ decisions. Or…


Yeah, I think it’s just him. Hahaha. :p

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